About SST Oil

SST Oil has been serving Northern California and Southern Oregon with quality fuels and lubricants for over 44 years.

At SST Oil, we are a service oriented company built around our strong fuel transportation background.  We service a wide range of customers from service stations and truck stops with Alliance 76, Valero, and Beacon fuels. We also service thousands of farm accounts and home heating oil customers with timely deliveries.

In 1991, we diversified our business by selling Monitor vented kerosene heaters. We have since added the Toyotomi vented kerosene heaters and Oil Miser on demand water heaters and the Sungrabber Solar Hot Water System.

SST Oil is also a member of the Commercial Fueling Network. The CFN card allows its users to fuel their vehicles at over 3,000 card activated fuel sites across the United States.

SST Oil is the authorized distributor of TerraCair Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Northern California.

For further information , we can be reached through our Contact Us page or by calling 530-241-1167.